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The Lure of a White Smile with Billion Dollar Smile

image of Billion Dollar Smile Purple Toothpaste

The lure of a white smile is strong for many people, but it is essential they choose safe and predictable ways to achieve their desired look. With on-going advice and support, you can help them boost their self-confidence and improve their oral health at the same time.

Dental Beauty Powered by Nature with Billion Dollar Smile

image of billion dollar smile teeth whitening products

There is a growing demand for natural ingredients in a range of products from the UK (and global) population. People care about what they are putting in or on their bodies, its impact on the environment and its long-term sustainability. This is particularly true for cosmetic or health products and is no different in dentistry. Tooth whitening is a fine example of where product ingredients may be changing to reflect this shift in preferences. Of course, solutions still need to be backed by science and research, but utilisation of safe, cruelty-free and natural substances is becoming the new gold standard.

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