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Mask mouth and dental health

Have you developed dry mouth, bad breath or gum disease over the past year? Then, you might be suffering from a condition commonly known as Mask Mouth. For the past year face masks have become an important physical barrier helping to stop the spread of respiratory bacteria and viruses. However, the anecdotal evidence suggest that […]

Upgrading your oral care routine for a whiter smile

Despite having to hide our smiles behind protective masks for the past year, white smile remains one of the most sought-after beauty accessories bridging the gap between beauty and dental health. However, investing in professional whitening or over-the-counter products might not be enough to keep those pearly whites beaming. Teeth stains are commonly caused by […]

Hydroxyapatite: the good and the wonderful

Oral care innovators are always on the lookout for new natural ingredients that can help protect our teeth, whether from bacteria, stains or loss of enamel. In terms of the latter, the most common practice is to add sufficient level of Fluoride – a naturally occurring mineral, which prevents tooth decay keeping enamel strong – […]

Is it time to change my toothbrush?

You know it’s time for a new tube of toothpaste when there is nothing left in the old one, but what about the toothbrush? Based on dental health guidelines toothbrush is supposed to be used at least 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes each time. Therefore, there is a widely known agreement […]