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Embark on a journey of comfort and rediscover the joy of moisture with Xerostom. This specialised range of oral care products is meticulously crafted to alleviate the discomfort of dry mouth on daily basis, providing you with the relief you deserve. Explore Xerostom and embrace a new era of oral hydration, whenever you need it.


+ Designed to restore moisture and protect against tooth decay

+ Contains patented natural SaliActive complex

+ Neutral pH

+ Free from sugar, SLS and strong flavours

+ Made in Spain

*Ship, J. A., McCutcheon, J. A., Spivakovsky, S., & Kerr, A. R. (2007). Safety and effectiveness of topical dry mouth products containing olive oil, betaine, and xylitol in reducing xerostomia for polypharmacy‐induced dry mouth. Journal of oral Rehabilitation34(10), 724-732.


Affordable and Accessible Daily Dry Mouth Care, DESIGNED TO CATER TO YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS

Incorporating Xerostom products into your daily oral care routine is seamless. Beyond immediate relief, these products provide essential protection against tooth decay and oral infections. Xerostom offers a diverse range of targeted solutions to suits any lifestyle. 

  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash
  • Spray and Pastilles
  • Saliva Substitute  and Topical Mucosa Gels

All products are designed to be suitable for people with diabetes and can be used in cases of mouth ulcers.

understanding dry mouth

understanding dry mouth

What is dry mouth?

Dry mouth and it’s more sever cousin Xerostomia affect a significant number of adults, causing discomfort and potential oral health issues significantly disrupting daily life. It occurs when your mouth temporarily or permanently doesn’t produce enough saliva to keep it adequately moist. This can lead to various discomforts and dental issues, such as:

  • difficulty speaking and swallowing;
  • bas breath due to insufficient saliva can lead to persistent bad breath.
  • dental problems due to increased risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues;
  • sore throat and dry lips;
  • impaired taste due to a lack of moisture in the mouth;
  • increased need for oral hydration causing frequent wake ups during the night for a sip of water leading to disturbed sleep cycle and fatigue. 
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Who can benefit?

Elderly, Oncology and Chronic Pain Patients

Xerostom product have been successfully used by elderly and oncology patients, as the majority experience dry mouth caused by various drugs and treatment. The additional benefits include easy of use, pleasant taste, pocket size.

Neurological and Mental Health Patients

Xerostom product have been successfully used by neurological and mental health patients. Dry mouth often appears in conjunction with various medication such as anti-depressants, neuroleptics, antixiolitics, anti-epileptics and anti-parkinsonians. The additional benefits include oral application, assisted oral hygiene.

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Proper oral care 

Dental caries and tooth decay is very common among customers experiencing dry mouth, making dry mouth issue to go unnoticed. Xerostom range is designed to address multiple issues at once:

  • contains Fluoride to help fight dental caries;
  • contains non-cariogenic and tooth-friendly sweetener Xylitol, which also helps against plaque;
  • contains betaine, olive oil, panthenol and Vitamine E to promote oral health and help prevent infections;
  • does not contain alcohol or SLS that enhance dehydration of tissues.
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what we offer?

Discover the transformative world of Xerostom, your go-to brand for cutting-edge natural dry mouth solutions. Explore a comprehensive range of products designed to alleviate dry mouth discomfort effectively. The range includes mouthwash and toothpaste, meticulously formulated to combat dryness and promote optimal oral health. Experience the next level of relief with saliva substitute gel, pastilles, spray, and newest mucosa gel, each crafted with precision to provide lasting comfort throughout the day. What sets Xerostom apart is its remarkable proven ability to increase salivary flow by up to 200% using natural ingredients, offering a holistic solution to the challenges of dry mouth. Elevate your oral care routine with Xerostom – where innovation meets proven effectiveness for a revitalized and hydrated mouth.