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Modern Cleaning Agents and Natural Alternatives

image of Citrox Protect cleaning range

The subject of effective cleaning and infection control has been in the spotlight for some time now. Everyone is looking to optimise their processes in order to minimise the risk of illnesses spreading. This has long been a focus for UK dental practices, who implement meticulous procedures to ensure that both staff and patients are protected from the potential threat of disease. Selecting effective products is essential for this.

Shaping Safer Surgeries with Citrox Protect

image of dental surgery and Citrox Protect logo

Surface disinfection is a vital part of safety protocols inside the dental practice, protecting both patient and practitioner. Maintaining a clean and pathogen-free workplace helps minimise the risk of transmission of microorganisms to either party. It must be ensured that disinfectant is applied to surfaces safely and effectively, and that the correct product is chosen for the task at hand.

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