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Children and Oral Care: SLS or no SLS?

Thinking about children’s oral care, parents often have to decide whether to choose widely available mainstream products or try one of the lesser-known brands that often market that offer products free from artificial flavours, colours and SLS. However, while the case of artificial flavours and colours seems to be rather self-explanatory, the evidence for SLS-free […]

Hydroxyapatite: the good and the wonderful

Oral care innovators are always on the lookout for new natural ingredients that can help protect our teeth, whether from bacteria, stains or loss of enamel. In terms of the latter, the most common practice is to add sufficient level of Fluoride – a naturally occurring mineral, which prevents tooth decay keeping enamel strong – […]

Children and Oral Hygiene: the Deeno-Saur in the room

Raising healthy and happy children is by no means an easy task. Particularly, considering that children don’t realize that some activities, which might look like rather bothersome chores, in fact have lasting impact on their future, helping to avoid painful and costly consequences later in life. Proper oral hygiene is the perfect example of such […]