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Dry mouth treatment

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Dry Mouth

Xerostom Gum


Xerostomia, otherwise known as dry mouth, can create uncomfortable and harmful effects on the mouth. Saliva is a complex fluid, composed of water, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and antimicrobials. It is very important for good oral health, but many don’t recognize its vital role until they’ve lost it. Xerostomia may manifest itself with a range of objective and subjective symptoms, ranging from rapidly progressive dental caries, increased accumulation of dental plaque, periodontal disease, denture intolerance, bacterial and viral infection of list and glands, as well as insomnia to difficulty swallowing, chewing and talking.

Xerostom line is based on the clinically proven SaliActive complex that works as nature’s moisturizer helping to manage symptoms associated with xerostomia and dry mouth seeking to improve quality of life. Natural SaliActive complex is a patented combination of Olive oil, Betaine and Xylitol, designed to reduce oral discomfort such as difficulty swallowing, speaking, tasting or eating.  Xerostom products are not only clinically proven to increase salivary flow, but also contribute to protecting teeth from enamel loss and erosions helping to restore natural salivary defences. A combined use of Xerostom products over the course of one week has been clinically proven to increase salivary flow by 200% (Ship, et al., 2007) offering immediate long-lasting relief from dryness, while protecting the mouth from bacteria.

Xerostom products do not contain acids, SLS, alcohol and sugar, making them a perfect choice for those suffering from mouth ulcers and diabetes. The line features Fluoride and calcium to increase remineralisation, Vitamin E as an antioxidant effective in the treatment of mucositis, Allantoin to prevent tissues from cracking, Vitamin B5 to sooth and reduce water loss through epidermis, Potassium to reduce dental sensitivity and pain. The range contains saliva stimulants for daily use, saliva substitutes for very dry mouth, as well as daily oral hygiene products.