Cold prevention spray: How to stay protected in the Post-Mask era?

Now that the government has dropped most, if not all, limitations related to COVID, it’s safe to say that masks are out of style—and potentially harmful to your health—when it comes to fighting colds and flu. This means you need a new way to keep yourself protected from these nasty airborne respiratory infections.

Despite rules being relaxed worldwide, medical professionals still recommend to stay alert and continue following simple preventative steps such as keeping your distance and washing hand often, especially while being in a crowd or in closed spaces. Furthermore, many businesses continue to rely on both workers and clients wearing masks in fear or another “wave” and “variant”.

So, is there a way to get back to normal without a mask, while still staying protected? In fact, the answer might be closer than you have ever thought – Cold & Flu Guard, a plant-based cold prevention spray, developed by Oraldent and available without prescription, offers an innovative and effective way to fend off bacteria and viruses. Read more about how it can help you stay healthy throughout the year!

Innovative cold prevention spray

Cold and flu season might be over, but it is better not to take any chances when your health is at stake. Cold & Flu Guard mouth and nose spray works by coating the back of the nose and throat where viruses are most likely to take hold and start to develop. It has a mild minty-orange taste and after being sprayed into the mouth and nose for full protection, it stays there as a thin layer for 2-3 hours, capturing and viruses and bacteria. The patented natural active ingredient, Flavobac™, then envelops the viruses/bacteria, trapping and then inactivating them, so that they can no longer reproduce or cause any harm. But what makes this plant-based goodness so powerful?

The plant-based power of Flavobac

Flavobac™ is naturally derived from the pith of bitter oranges. It is a concentrated extract of plant flavonoids that has been in development as a protection against respiratory viruses and bacteria, like colds and flus, since 2004 and was found to kill 99.99% of all these pathogens. Flavonoids have been extensively researched for their antimicrobial actions. In the last 5 years alone, over 7,000 papers have been published on PubMed describing the antiviral properties of flavonoids plus over 13,000 papers describing their antibacterial activity.

Flavonoids provide a multitude of health benefits and are well-identified in traditional and modern medicines in the treatment of many diseases including viral infections.  They have, consequently, been studied extensively in 2020/21 for their effect on SARS-COVID. During these studies, flavonoids showed excellent immunity enhancement, antiviral activity and anti-inflammatory support. Flavonoids can also interfere with various stages of the viral replication processes and thus stop them infecting other human cells.  It is believed that they kill the SARS-COVID viruses by surrounding them and then drowning them. Flavonoids are naturally found in everyday foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and tea, but only small amounts are absorbed into the body through diet.

Flavobac™ has been widely tested in research studies to prove its ability to neutralize most common strains of viruses and bacteria, including variants of SARS-COVID with no side-effects, preventing the cycle of the disease and breaking the chain of infection. A series of studies1 with Flavobac in March 2021, carried out by Utah State University Institute for Antiviral Research, showed that Flavobac kills SARS-COVID within one minute, and other flu/cold viruses within five minutes, after use. Other key ingredients in Cold & Flu Guard include Hyaluronic Acid which acts as a biofilm keeping the Flavobac in place so that it can block and attack pathogens.

Cold & Flu Guard

Cold & Flu Guard is ideal to be used before exposure to ‘high-risk’ activities such as shopping, taking public transport, going to the office or school, or attending meetings in closed spaces. Easy to throw in your bag, it comes in a 50ml bottle – available via Amazon and, at just £9.99.


1. UTAH State University Virucidal Assay against SARS-CoV-2, Institute for Antiviral Research, SARS2-378. January 4 2021.

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