Upgrading your oral care routine for a whiter smile

Despite having to hide our smiles behind protective masks for the past year, white smile remains one of the most sought-after beauty accessories bridging the gap between beauty and dental health.

However, investing in professional whitening or over-the-counter products might not be enough to keep those pearly whites beaming. Teeth stains are commonly caused by pigmented food and drink leftovers as well as smoke sediments that build-up on the enamel surface over time in a layer known as biofilm. If not removed, these sediments eventually move into outer layers of the enamel causing discoloration, especially in case of any pre-existing enamel damage.

Stains between the teeth appear to be particularly hard to deal with, as they are located in areas that are hard to reach using ordinary toothbrushes and mouthwashes. Therefore, adding 3 simple steps to your morning or evening oral care routine might not only prolong the effect of recent teeth whitening treatment, but also keep your smile healthy, preventing future build-up of plaque and biofilm, which harbours both staining compounds and harmful bacteria.

Step 1: Interdental brushes

The build-up of plaque biofilm that contains staining compounds is one of the leading teeth discoloration mechanisms. Therefore, effective removal of plaque should become a priority for those who seek to protect their pearly whites. One of the most effective ways to do so is regular use of interdental brushes in conjunction with regular brushing.

Dental professionals widely recognize the use of interdental brushes as one of the most effective ways to remove plague, which gives better results than ordinary flossing or brushing. Being very easy and convenient to use, adding them to your daily routine should not take too much time, while providing a number of benefits beyond plaque removal, such as reduced bleeding and prevention of gum diseases. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the most effective interdental brushes are straight rather than angled and should be size-matched to snuggly fit between your teeth. Therefore, you can always take a look at iWave range of sizes to find the best fit.

Step 2: Water flosser

But what about those persistent stains between the teeth? Water flosser, such as PowerFloss, might be your answer! It is an excellent option that allows to reach deeper between the teeth safely and gently removing all plaque and food leftovers, particularly if you have braces, implants and other orthodontic appliances or very tightly spaced teeth. For best results, fill your flosser with whitening mouthwash rather than water to assist stain removal in cases where staining compounds have already moved into outer layers of the enamel.

Step 3: Antibacterial mouth spray

Due to daily exposure to foods, drinks and other staining compounds, including smoking, your pearly whites will certainly benefit from extra protection between brushing. While you can choose to use specialized dental gums and lozenges, you might want to opt for a slightly unconventional product instead – a natural antibacterial mouth spray, such as Cold & Flu Guard. The active formula of this spray coats the surface of the mouth for several hours fighting a wide range of bacteria and viruses by disrupting formation of the biofilm and deactivating harmful pathogens. Considering that mouth is one of the most common routes for viruses and bacteria to enter the body, such antibacterial spray not only helps to keep your teeth protected from plaque, but also assists your immune system reducing the amount of pathogens that can enter the body – a strong win-win. Cold and Flu Guard, which comes in a handy 50ml bottle, is based on natural and organic active ingredients – bioflavonoids, known for their powerful antibacterial and antioxidant action, and is suitable for daily use within your oral care routine.

The bottom line: whatever is your daily oral care routine, it can significantly impact the results of professional or at-home teeth whitening efforts

The pursuit of whiter smile appears to be inseparable from dental health. With a large variety of convenient and functional oral care products and accessories to choose from, tailoring your daily routine can be quite easy and financially beneficial, considering that preventing stains from forming will certainly save money on future treatments.


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