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Dry mouth care


Are you experiencing discomfort due to dry mouth? Xerostom, a revolutionary oral care product line, is your solution for managing dry mouth symptoms and improving your quality of life. Dry mouth, a common oral health issue caused by reduced saliva production, which can occur due to variety of reasons, can lead to various discomforts and dental challenges.

Xerostom products are formulated with a patented natural complex known as SaliActive, comprising Olive oil, Betaine, and Xylitol. This innovative combination helps alleviate dry mouth symptoms, including difficulty swallowing, speaking, tasting, and eating. Xerostom not only increases salivary flow but also safeguards your teeth from enamel erosion, restoring your mouth's natural defenses.

Xerostom products are clinically proven to increase salivary flow by 200% (Ship, et al., 2007), providing immediate relief from dryness. These formulas prevent enamel loss and erosions, ensuring your teeth remain healthy. Xerostom products are free from acids, SLS, alcohol, and sugar, making them suitable for individuals with mouth ulcers and diabetes. With fluoride, calcium, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Vitamin B5, and Potassium, this range addresses various oral health needs, offering saliva stimulants for daily use, saliva substitutes for extreme dryness, and daily oral hygiene essentials.

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